• A learning module needs to be played to the end for the result to be counted. Make sure the person/group doesn’t quit the training until the learning module is finished/completed
  • When a person/group has completed a learning module the same group can continue to the next module by clicking "Go to the next learning module".
  • If a new person/group will start a training session on the same tablet they have to click “Quit training” before they start training.
  • If the new person/group doesn’t click “Quit training” before a new person/group starts training, the statistics/results will show incorrect data.

Here is our guide on how you start your training session:

1:Open the app and click 'Add New Training' at the bottom right of the start screen.  

2:Scan the QR code provided to you(need to specify provided by who and whrere)  to download the right training content and set up the app for training. 

3:If needed, change the app language by clicking 'Select Language' on the top right corner of the start screen.  

4:Now your app is ready for conducting trainings, users can click 'Start' to login and start their learning journey!

  1. Open the training application, click on the icon on the tablet.
  2. Click start:
  3. Select how many players (steps 5-10 will be repeated for each person):
  4. Enter Year of birth:
  5. Enter Month of birth
  6. Enter Date of birth:
  7. Enter last numbers of personal ID number:
  8. Select gender:
  9. Select job level:
  10. Select training level (only in the RR application):
  11. Read the privacy information and click accept:
  12. You are ready to begin training, select a training topic to start with:

Remember to click “Quit training” before a new person/group starts training.

Do you need additional help? Contact us by submitting a ticket here