• A learning module needs to be played to the end for the result to be counted. Make sure the person/group doesn’t quit the training until the learning module is finished/completed
  • When a person/group has completed a learning module the same group can continue to the next module by clicking "Go to the next learning module".
  • If a new person/group will start a training session on the same tablet they have to click “Quit training” before they start training.
  • If the new person/group doesn’t click “Quit training” before a new person/group starts training, the statistics/results will show incorrect data.

Here is our guide on how you start your training session:

  1. Open the training application, click on the icon on the tablet.
  2. Click start:
  3. Select how many players (steps 5-10 will be repeated for each person):
  4. Enter Year of birth:
  5. Enter Month of birth
  6. Enter Date of birth:
  7. Enter last numbers of personal ID number:
  8. Select gender:
  9. Select job level:
  10. Select training level (only in the RR application):
  11. Read the privacy information and click accept:
  12. You are ready to begin training, select a training topic to start with:

Remember to click “Quit training” before a new person/group starts training.

Do you need additional help? Contact us by submitting a ticket here