If a tablet is overheated, stop using it until it cools down. An overheated tablet can turn off by itself. Sometimes the screen turn black, become slow or stop working completely.

How do I know if the tablet is overheated?

  • Place your hand on the back of the tablet, if the tablet is hot to the touch it is very likely that the tablet is overheated.

Tips to avoid overheating tablets:

  • Close all other running applications (don't know how? Click here)
  • Operate the tablets in the recommended temperature range:
    0 - 40°C
  • While training on the tablets, try to keep them above the table this will help air cool the tablet.
  • When you charge a tablet the battery gets warm. We recommend that you charge your tablets before training sessions to avoid the extra heat from charging.

Most of the time the tablet will start working normally again when it has cooled down.

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