If the system automatically prompts and asks whether to open camera permission, please click "confirm", "open" and "allow". 


If there is no prompt and scanning fails you'd need to confirm whether the camera permissions are turned on.  You could do this in the following ways 


Android users 


  1. 1.  Go into your phone settingsfind your apps and look for the Quizrr Training app 

  1. 2.  Look in app permissions or privacy settings  

  1. 3. Allow camera permissions for the app 


Please note that there might be minor variations in the settings and permissions options in different smartphone brands and models.   


iPhone users:  


  1. 1.  Go into your phone settings, find your apps and look for the Safari browser app 

  1. 2.  Click on the app to see the app's permissions and settings  

  1. 3.  Click on 'Camera' to allow the browser to use it 


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