How to install the Smartphone solution on an Android 



Quick tips for a smooth experience 


  •    Ensure that the remaining memory of the phone is at least 50MB 

  •    Ensure you are connected to the internet 

  •    Upgrade the mobile phone's operating system to the latest version 

  •    Ensure that your phone and browser settings allow download and installation of 'unknown apps' or from 'unknown            sources' 

  •    Refer to our recommended smartphone specifications and settings to have the right device and settings :Here


 1:Search"Quizrr" on your Google Play Store to download and install it directly 

2:  If your Phone can't support Google Play Store or you are Chinese user,Please follow the following steps: 


Download and installion 


  1. 1.  Scan the app QR code or copy and paste the app download link into your browser.  


  1. 2.  You will see the following interface. Click "download app" in the blue box to start downloading 





  1. 3.  After downloading, the phone will automatically prompt you to install the program and an interface similar to the following examples might appearclick Install.  



C:\Users\Sunny\Desktop\83ea3da5e6bc959ff90e4bc4c7d206a.png83ea3da5e6bc959ff90e4bc4c7d206aC:\Users\Sunny\Desktop\Screenshot_20201022-180340_Package installer.jpgScreenshot_20201022-180340_Package installerC:\Users\Sunny\Desktop\Screenshot_2020-10-22-18-00-26.pngScreenshot_2020-10-22-18-00-26 




   4.  If your phone doesn't automatically prompt Installation information, find the downloaded app in your files and click to install it. 

   5: After the program is downloaded, the system will prompt "whether to allow programs from unknown sources to install" 

Please click "allow", "confirm" or "open" 



    6.  Once installed, look through your list to find the app and start your learning journey!