In order to ensure a smooth training journey and a great user experience with Quizrr's smartphone apps, we recommend the following: 


Recommended OS 

     ●  Android  

Versions 9 (Pie,Released in 2018)and above 

 *often smooth on version 8 and above too 

     ●   iOS  

Versions 13 and above 

  Recommended Browser 

  •    Android users 

Most browsers work well. In case you experience an issue with a pre-installed browser, try Google Chrome or Samsung browser. 


  •     iOS users 

Please use Safari. 

 *most updated versions are always recommended to ensure a better experience 


Recommended Settings 


Ensure that your phone and browser have the permission to download and install apps from 'unknown sources' or download and install unknown apps'.  For this, you might need to: 

  •  Go into phone settings, and into your apps to find the browser app you're using 

  •  Look in app permissions or advanced settings 

  •  Allow installation of 'unknown apps' or apps from 'unknown sources' 

Please note that there might be minor variations in the settings and permissions options in different smartphone brands and models.  

Do you need additional help? Contact us by submitting a ticket here