Here is a list of tips to help you ensure a great training experience:

  • Charge the tablets before starting training sessions
  • Close all other running applications on the tablet (click here for a guide)
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi while training
  • Restart the tablets regularly (every 1-2 days)
  • Make sure that the media volume is turned up
  • Apply our recommended tablet settings found here
  • Remove any unnecessary applications and software from the tablet
  • Avoid installing other applications or software on the tablets. Installing other application can impact performance and it increases the risk of viruses and loss of training data
  • All tablets provided by Quizrr come with all required software/applications installed, you don't need to install any additional software/applications

We hope your training experience is great and remember that learning is more important than being correct!

Do you need additional help? Contact us by submitting a ticket here